Mission & End Statements

Our Mission Statement

By building a loving religious community that
nourishes the spirit, celebrates life, and
cherishes the connectedness of all things,
we will transform ourselves and our world.

Our Ends Statements
Within, Among, Beyond

As Individuals, We:

  • Educate ourselves and our children about our Seven Principles and model how to live them
  • Respect and learn from people of different ages, cultures, races, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identities, abilities, economic status, opinions and beliefs
  • Cultivate a spirit of hospitality, growing from a desire for authentic relationship
  • Open ourselves to compassionate pastoral care in times of joy, sorrow, and transition 
  • Develop personal spiritual practices that are rich in wonder, beauty, serenity, and joy

As a Church Community, We:

  • Welcome all visitors warmly
  • Sustain and encourage one another in love
  • Cultivate our talents and gifts by creating new ways to serve one another through shared ministries
  • Fully fund and adequately staff our church programs and facilities
  • Encourage participation in congregational activities with emphasis on including people of different of ages, cultures, races, national origins, sexual orientation, gender identities, abilities, economic status, opinions and beliefs
  • Actively promote our designation as a Welcoming Congregation
  • Develop diverse worship services and other programming rich in beauty, serenity, community, and joy
  • Promote an increase in new members and visitors attending programs, services and other community events that are held at UUCNH

In the Wider World, We:

  • Participate actively in the larger Unitarian Universalist and liberal religious communities
  • Affirm and promote the Seven Principles throughout the local community and beyond to make a positive impact on our world
  • Witness to and advocate for the congregation’s stances on important local, national and global issues
  • Build authentic relationships across differences, in the spirit of humility and reverence, including actively promoting racial reconciliation and dismantling white supremacy
  • Lead in the creation of a just society and a sustainable environment