An Introduction to Faith Development at UUCNH

Welcome to the Lifespan Faith Development Program of the Unitarian Universalist Church of the North Hills.

We use the term Lifespan Faith Development to acknowledge that the religious journey begins at birth and lasts a lifetime. We offer classes, groups and activities for the lifespan to support religious growth.

Unitarian Universalism is a free faith that demands a responsible search for truth and meaning. We value the religious journey of our children, youth and adults. We trust religious seekers in their journeys. We know that we can learn much from each other if we create safe space to share our stories and respectfully hear the stories of others. I encourage you to partake of our many offerings to connect and share with others and deepen your own religious understandings.

We are evolving beings in an evolving world. We are always learning and growing, changing and discovering. What better way to make this journey than in a loving, religious community that nourishes the spirit, celebrates life and cherishes the connectedness of all things with a mission of transforming ourselves and our world.
I invite you to come grow with us.