Green Sanctuary

Green Sanctuary is a Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) program that is designed to guide congregations on a path of assessment and discovery followed by action related to environmental justice and battling climate change. The Green Sanctuary program is an opportunity for congregations to engage in an in-depth review of the church’s activities related to the last of our seven principles: “Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.” The Green Sanctuary journey provides a framework for us to work together to deepen and broaden our commitment to the Earth, to conservation and environmental action, and to justice through designing and implementing at least 12 projects in the following areas: worship and celebration, religious education, sustainable living, and environmental justice. The Green Sanctuary process involves five steps culminating in certification (Beginning, Assessments, Action Plans, Applying for Candidacy, and Accreditation).

UUCNH embarked on our Green Sanctuary journey on January 22, 2017 with a congregational vote to proceed.

 UUCNH Green Sanctuary Status  – Current Phase: Beginning

Our Green Sanctuary Team has had two meetings and is busy gathering information, working on new projects, and assessing our church’s status regarding battling climate change and environmental justice. We have people looking into conducting an energy audit of the church, and the Tree HUUgers are assessing our grounds/landscaping situation and issues. We have started our new weekly Green Living Ideas and are working with Sunday Services on our Earth Day service. We are working on assessing our internal groups to determine our current “state” regarding environmental justice. When the assessments are complete, we will use the learnings gathered to engage with the congregation to discover the projects and action areas of greatest interest, impact, and passion.

Guidelines for Recycling at UUCNH and Home

Help reduce landfill usage, greenhouse gas emissions, and contamination of soil and water by recycling. See “Guidelines for Recycling at UUCNH and Home” to learn more including your municipality’s requirements.

Green Living Ideas

Small changes made by many people make big changes for the future of our world. Be part of it. Browse the ideas for green living, in the links below, to find those right for you.

Click Here To See “What Is Green Living Anyway?” 
Have a green living idea to share?

Send it to for inclusion in an upcoming newsletter and here on this page.
Clothes Washing – EASY – Help minimize climate change and save money too.
Clothes Drying – EASY – Help minimize climate change and save money too.
Dish Washing – EASY – Help minimize climate change and save money too.
Eating – EASY/MED – All proteins are not created equal. Reduce your greenhouse gas foot print and eat healthier.
Eating – MED/HARD – Help rid our planet of toxic agricultural chemicals. Eat healthier on a tight budget. 
Reusables – EASY – Bring along reusables instead of bringing home disposables.
Take Action – EASY – Sign EWG Petitions for our Health and the Environment
Consuming – Med Help eliminate toxic, cancer causing, and endocrine disrupting chemicals from our products and food
Reduce Paper- EASYReduce unwanted catalog junk mail
Promote Reuse  EASY/MED  Give used goods another life
Most Empowering Ideas so far: Eating and Consuming – Not just for the rich anymore
Recycle  EASY/MED  Help minimize climate change, contamination of soil and water, and landfill usage. 
Air PollutionEasy/Med Help Improve The Air You Breathe
Reduce Paper- EASY – Lay the free end OVER the toilet paper roll
Be Straw Free – Easy Stop using disposable straws
Air pollution – Easy/MedHelp Improve our Air: Bad Air Day Actions to Consider
Save water – EasyIdeas from the youth at All Souls New London, a Unitarian Universalist congregation 
Drain Cleaning – EasyClean drains without toxic chemicals 
Green Home – Easy/Med – Pick and Use Plastics Carefully
Take Action – EasyTell your Senators to legally BAN chlorpyrifos since Scott Pruitt cancelled the EPA scheduled ban 
Green Home – Easy/Med – Reduce Fire Retardants 
Clean Water –  An overview of water pollution in our Area
Clean Water – Easy – Make Runoff Cleaner – 1-A – Pick Up After Your Pet
Clean Water – EasyMake Runoff Cleaner I-B Prevent Motor Leaks, Dispose of Fluids Properly
Clean Water– Easy – Reduce Waste Water – Part III-A – Minimize water usage during rain and ALCOSAN alerts
Green Living Idea:  Natural Pest Control
Green Living Idea:  Home-Natural Cleaning!
Green Living Idea: Lawn Alternatives
Green Living Idea:  More on Lawn Alternatives
Green Living Idea: Dealing With Fall Leaves
Green Living Idea: Ideas For Weathering The Winter
Green Living Idea:  Helping The Birds This Winter
Green Living Idea: Helping The Birds This Winter – Part II
Green Living Idea: Holiday Shopping – Part One
Green Living Idea: Holiday Decor and Greetings
Green Living Idea: Festive Holiday Meals
Green Living Idea:  Holiday Gift Ideas
Green Living IdeaSome Thoughts on Renovation
Green Living Idea: Recycling Pallets
Green Living Idea:  Two Week Hiatus
Green Living Idea: Non-toxic, Re-usuable, Compostable Food Wraps
Green Living Idea:  Western PA Conservancy