Green Living Ideas to: Take Action for our Health and Environment

What It Takes:  Easy – Time to Sign EWG Petitions you Support

1) Review petitions for which Environmental Working Group ( is requesting support. 1

  • Tell FDA to Remove Lead from Cosmetics
  • Tell Cosmetic companies to disclose fragrance ingredients
  • Tell EPA to Take action on Chromium-6 (Erin Brockovich chemical) still in tap water of all 50 states
  • Tell the EPA to Take action on Bee-killing pesticides
  • Tell FDA to ban PFCS in food wrappers
  • Tell Big Food to label GMOs
  • Tell EPA to Ban Endocrine-disrupting weed killer –banned in other countries
  • Grow Organics
  • Tell Congress to Label packaging with BPA
  • Thank the Big Food companies that have agreed to label GMOs
  • Tell Sara Lee, Weight Watchers and others to take endocrine disruptor propyl paraben out of our food
  • Tell Nail Polish Brands to stop using endocrine-disrupting chemicals
  • Tell food companies to stop using cancer causing potassium bromate in their products

2) Take action. Click here to sign ones you support:

What You Get: Knowledge to avoid many products and reduce consumer demand for them

World Benefit: Less cancer causing and endocrine disrupting chemicals in our food, products and environment.

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