Green Living Ideas To Reduce Unwanted Catalog Junk Mail

Green Living Ideas For This Week

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Small changes made by many people make big changes for our world. Be part of it! 

What It Takes:     Easy – Time to enter catalogs you don’t want.

1) Make a pile of unwanted catalogs instead of recycling them right away.

2) When you have enough, use to stop catalogs you don’t want from coming to your house.  It is pretty straightforward. Just create an account, create profiles for each name, and then enter the information about the catalogs you want to stop. Then recycle the catalogs. Since marketing lists are prepared well in advance it may be 2-3 months before the catalogs actually stop coming.

 3) Repeat this process periodically as new catalogs you don’t want arrive.

What You Get: Less catalogs and paper to recycle.   

World Benefit: Saves trees, reduces chemical use and emissions from production, delivery and recycling of unwanted catalogs and reduces landfill usage.

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