For Children and Youth Volunteers


Our Faith Development Program for Children and Youth is so vital because of our wonderful and dedicated adult volunteers.  We appreciate you!

To keep our volunteers and our children safe, we adhere to the Pennsylvania child safety laws.

Our volunteers who work with children must have their clearances.

To learn more about these clearances and how to obtain them,

Reimbursement for any costs incurred may be arranged with the Director of Lifespan Faith Development.

Our volunteers who work with children and youth are mandatory reporters under PA law.  Volunteers must report child abuse and neglect directly.  Please click here to learn what constitutes abuse and neglect and how to report it:

In addition,  we ask that our teachers be part of our religious community or another Unitarian Universalist community for at least a year.  We require two adults in each classroom on Sunday mornings.   Our classrooms have windows on the doors so the classes can be monitored easily for the protection of children and volunteers.

Thank you for your important part in creating a loving, safe and nurturing religious community for our children and youth.