Consuming – Med – Help eliminate toxic, cancer causing, and endocrine disrupting chemicals from our products and food

Green Living Idea For This Week

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Small changes made by many people make big changes for our world. Be part of it!

Green Living Ideas For Environmentally Conscious Consuming  

What It Takes:  Med – Time to educate yourself and make changes

1) Use Environmental Working Group,, databases to check the score of products you currently use. EWG scores are backed by detailed scientific data and research results.  You can look at the consumer summaries of the recommendations or dig deep into the details of a specific product, chemical, food additive, etc. 1 EWG has extensive databases on: personal care2, cleaning3 and food products4.

2) Buy products and food that have lower EWG scores, i.e. less toxic chemicals and unhealthy additives. In addition to being better for your health, it helps to expand market demand for those items. As the market grows, more and more producers will choose to fill the demand for healthier and more environmentally friendly products, which in turn will make these products more affordable and available.

What You Get: Information to live a healthier life

World Benefit: Not buying products with hazardous chemicals and additives lessens demand, which in turn lessens usage and eventually production of those substances ridding the environment of them.





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