Be Straw Free – Easy – Stop Using Disposable Straws

Green Living Idea to:   Be Straw Free – Join Milo Cress’ movement 

What It Takes:  Easy – Habit Change

Milo Cress, who was 9 when he started this project in February 2011, is the primary spokesperson (and primary Instigator, his mother likes to say) of the Be Straw Free project. Over 500 million straws are handed out each day with beverages in the US. That is enough to fill over 127 school busses per day or 46,400 per year. 1

1) Ask for your beverage without a straw when eating out or on the go.  

 2) If you like straws, buy a reusable one. Take it along to the restaurants with your own reusable container for leftovers.

3) Invite restaurants to ask before giving out straws with every drink. Most people are happy to drink straight from a glass. Restaurants are more likely to change procedure, if they are asked by customers. Thank those restaurants that already ask. Milo’s how to ask

What You Get: Reduces waste. Reduces cost, if you use regularly at home.

World Benefit: Reduces greenhouse gas from production and transportation of straws. Reduces landfill usage.  

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