Clean Water – Easy – Make Runoff Cleaner I-B Prevent Motor Leaks, Dispose of Fluids Properly

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Green Living Idea:   Easy – Clean Water – Make your runoff cleaner – Part I-B – by Connie Hester 

The greatest threat to our water quality is polluted runoff. We can make a big difference!

Oil, heavy metals and other toxic materials that leak out of motor vehicles and equipment are washed by rain into the nearest storm drains which lead to our rivers. They harm the environment, water life, animals and people.  They also get in our drinking water.

If 700,000 cars each leak 10 drops of oil a day that is over 28,000 gallons of oil per year. The EPA estimates 200 million gallons of used oil are disposed of improperly. Recycled properly, that oil could generate enough electricity to power 100 million homes for a day. 2 

1) Maintain your vehicles and motor equipment.  Do your part to reduce the chances of oil and other hazardous chemicals entering our water ways.

  • Check your vehicle and equipment for drips and leaks regularly. Fix them promptly.
  • If you spot a leak, use ground cloths or drip pans to collect the fluid
  • Collect used oil in a leak-proof container with a tight-fitting lid. Recycle it, often for free, at auto supply stores and car care centers.
  • Never dump motor oil, antifreeze, transmission fluid or other engine fluids into road gutters, storm drains, ditches, soil or inside your home sinks or drains. Safely store the fluids for a hazardous waste collection day.
  • Dispose of all hazardous waste properly. According to your municipality requirements. See scheduled collections and municipality requirements here on the UUCNH Green Sanctuary webpage.

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